How to Download YouTube Playlist Easily

YouTube is always the first site that comes to mind to “share a video.” Built in February 2005, it is the largest video sharing and hosting site on the web today and its subscribers are constantly growing. And one of the reasons for its popularity is that it allows users to create their own playlist and video library. Because of these options, there are those who want to download YouTube playlist to enjoy freely offline. In addition, after downloading the playlist, it can be transferred to smartphones or other media players for viewing anywhere at anytime. Downloading one by one the videos can take a lot of time.

How to Download a YouTube Playlist

If you are thinking about “How to Download a YouTube Playlist“, there is a wide range of apps you can choose from. In this article, we will go through two methods to perform this operation: a first method via an online application, and the second with desktop version tools to install.

Method 1: Download a YouTube Playlist Online

Our first choice in this list is the online application called Video Grabber which is free and requires no effort to download the playlist on YouTube. To use Video Grabber, please copy and paste the link of the video in the box reserved for this purpose then click on “Download”. Then choose the output format you want for your video. Repeat this process each time until you get all the videos in your playlist. While it is not integrated with the download function of a YouTube playlist, but it is a good tool to download your videos one by one. In addition it is free, fast and very easy to use.

If you’re looking for a more powerful application to download YouTube playlist, please go to the second solution.

Method 2: Video Download Capture

Our next application to download YouTube playlist is Video Download Capture. It must be downloaded and installed, unlike the first option, but it supports very well the one-time download of an entire playlist. And this is less tiring since you do not need to download videos one by one. Please follow the following guide to YouTube playlist download.


Download and launch Video Download Capture

During the installation process, he will show you in detail the steps to follow. Once the installation is complete, you will realize that this utility is very practical.


Go to the playlist you want to download

If you connect to YouTube, you will see in the left panel all a playlist categorized (music, movies, TV shows …) and fun channels. Just click the channel you want to get the URL of the video.

Download a whole playlist in a few clicks

Enter the link of the playlist in the URL field and click on the “Add to download” button. A list of all the videos in the playlist will open in a new window. If you want to record all videos, please check the “Select All” box, or select only the boxes of the videos you want to save. Then you will be prompted to choose the format you need.